Punny Materials

These stimuli were used in the following experiment:

GERNSBACHER, M. A., & ROBERTSON, R. R. W (1995). Reading skill and suppression revisited. Psychological Science, 6, 165-169. [view PDF]

Coded for Condition 1 – Hard then easy
Item number key: 1-60 Expmtl. texts
61-80 Filler texts



Item No.



PPNKSuous Wordout them.and answe
P9 UU P32 THIEF She wore the stole.
P10 RR P22 BUSINESS He sold the company.
P11 RR P25 HEART He transplanted an organ.
P12 RR P23 BOOK He wrote in the log.
P13 UU P35 CLEAN She fed the bear.
P14 UR P28 HARD She joined a firm.
P15 UU P34 BLOCK He wrote a novel.
P16 UR P29 JELLY He was in a traffic jam.
1 UR 1 FIRE He won the match.
2 UU 66 WALL He changed his tie.
3 UR 4 BELL She put on the ring.
4 UR 34 OCEAN She wanted to coast.
5 RR 56 CALM He was very patient.
6 UR 7 CHURCH He calculated the mass.
7 UU 75 ARID She sold the bar.
8 UR 37 VERIFY He paid the check.
9 RR 53 King He served under the ruler.
10 UR 22 LAND She began to plot.
11 UR 10 CELERY He started to stalk.
12 UR 40 CARDS He walked on the deck.
13 RR 50 RIBBON He tied the bow.
14 UU 65 SHIRT She prepared a will.
15 UR 19 COW He wanted to steer.
16 UR 13 SPICE He talked to the sage.
17 RR 44 DUCK She heard a quack.
18 UR 25 COLUMN He liked to row.
19 UU 77 DOOR She hi-lighted several articles.
20 RR 47 SHAPE She designed the mold.
21 UR 16 GULP He spotted the swallow.
22 UR 3 FISH She played the bass.
23 RR 28 WATER He walked over the bridge.
24 UR 59 DELAY He cleaned the stall.
25 UU 74 SOFT He ruined his chance.
26 UR 31 FRUIT She planned the date.
27 RR 38 ANIMAL He helped the seal.
28 UU 64 CLOCK He spoke to the page.
29 RR 41 COIL She fixed the spring.
30 UR 46 SLIDE She wore the slip.
31 UR 43 FOOL She tried to jerk.
32 RR 9 BEER He poured the draft.
33 UR 6 ACE He dug with the spade
34 UU 67 GUITAR She injured her arm.
35 UR 29 GOOD He paid the fine.
36 RR 32 STICK He hit with the club.
37 UU 78 SEND He felt odd.
38 UR 35 JAPAN She washed the china.
39 UU 73 LAUGH She stopped the run.
40 UU 63 STAMP She checked the produce.
P25 UR P30 MONTH She led the march.
P26 UR P31 NICE He calculated the mean.
P27 UU P36 WALK He placed his order.
P28 RR P24 FLOOR She fell from the third story.
P29 RR P21 SAD She was feeling blue.
P30 RR P26 SICK She had a cold.
P31 UU P33 PLANT He gave her a diamond.
P32 UR P27 NUMBERS She married a count.
41 RR 52 PORK He ate the chop.
42 RR 49 KITCHEN She put the dishes in the sink.
43 UR 15 STONE He wanted to listen to rock.
44 UR 12 EYE He taught his pupils.
45 UU 68 RAZOR He asked for relish.
46 RR 23 WORK She started her shift.
47 RR 26 DIRECTION She turned to the right.
48 UR 58 DRIVE He walked to the park.
49 RR 55 FACTORY She toured the mint.
50 UR 21 MINUTE He placed second.
51 UU 79 HINT She bandaged her foot.
52 RR 18 CATCHER She wanted to be the pitcher.
53 UR 17 PAN He smoked the pot.
54 UU 72 GUESS He peeled the orange.
55 RR 20 BREAD She ate a roll.
56 RR 57 LAKE She dove into the pool.
57 RR 60 SWAP She handled the trade.
58 UR 27 LAWSUIT She carried the case.
59 RR 24 FIGHT She trained to box.
60 UU 62 GRIP He finished his sole.
61 RR 11 BOTTOM He climbed to the top.
62 UR 14 WAITER She jabbed with the tip.
63 RR 48 WRITE He had a paper to type.
64 RR 51 BRACELET He gave her a charm.
65 UR 54 LETTER She sang the note.
66 UU 69 TRIP She wrote a riddle.
67 RR 33 LOOK She liked to watch.
68 UU 80 QUEST He catered the affair.
69 RR 30 HIT She tried to punch.
70 UR 5 BALL He ate from the bowl.
71 UU 71 CANCEL She took out the pet.
72 RR 8 JOKE She laughed at the gag.
73 UU 61 SUN She sold the cycle.
74 RR 42 GIFT He wrapped the present.
75 RR 45 FISH She ate the perch.
76 RR 39 ROB He was driven to mug.
77 UU 70 BITE He developed a habit.
78 RR 36 PLANE He hated to fly.
79 UR 2 HEAD She went to the temple.
80 UU 76 JOY He answered correctly.