Referential Access Experiments 1-3 Materials

These stimuli were used in the following experiment:

GERNSBACHER, M. A. (1989). Mechanisms that improve referential access. Cognition, 32, 99-156. [view PDF]

NP1 Sentences

Bill handed John some tickets to a concert but Bill/he took the tickets back immediately.

Jan went to visit Sue during the hospital’s visiting hours and Jan/she brought a bouquet of flowers.

Ned saw Dan standing on the river bank and Ned/he waved hello from his canoe.

Sharon walked Debbie over to the dentist’s office but Sharon/she waited outside in the lobby.

Jim poured a drink for Don that was really quite strong and Jim/he poured a drink for himself.

Chuck saw that Danny was in very serious trouble and Chuck/he ran quickly for some help.

Carol took over for Ellen all the household laundry chores and Carol/she did a much better job.

Helen interviewed Julie about cheating in college courses but Helen/she refused to answer some questions.

Sara tutored Anna in history, math, and English and Sara/she charged ten dollars an hour.

Fred loaned Mike a blue ball point pen but Fred/he wanted it back before long.

Greg watched Neil act in a broadway play and Greg/he applauded at the final curtain.

Shawn saved Brent from drowning in the creek and Shawn/he quickly became a hero.

Alice received from Jenny one of those chain letters but Alice/she did not continue the chain.

Thomas wanted to tell Edward the exciting and unexpected news but Thomas/he couldn’t find a nearby phone.

Paula borrowed a book from Vicky all about the Civil War but Paula/she never even gave the book back.

Susan stood up until Nancy had brought in another chair then Susan/she sat down on the new chair.

David saw that Brian was fixing a flat tire and David/he stopped to offer some help.

Cindy described to Janet how life was in Detroit but Cindy/she didn’t mention the terrible pollution.

Cathy wouldn’t accept from Donna a check for the amount but Cathy/she would accept a credit card.

Amy inherited from Kim a very substantially large fortune and Amy/she spent all the money foolishly.

Alex broke a leg while skiing with Hank at a very expensive resort and Alex/he had to leave on crutches.

Jill lost to Ruth in the state tennis match but Jill/she accepted the major defeat gracefully.

James saw Keith outside stealing a parked car but James/he did not call the police.

Marsha was being tickled by Cheryl while they were watching TV but Marsha/she managed not to laugh aloud.

George aimed a pistol at Robert that looked like a toy but George/he did not pull the trigger.

Richard wrapped a gift for Charles that was a big surprise and Richard/he hid it away in the closet.

Betty was knitting a scarf for Diane for an early Christmas present but Betty/she did not have enough yarn.

Randy was amusing Jerry by doing some fancy acrobatics but Randy/he slipped and broke an arm.

Phil made sure that Dick was already very sound asleep and Phil/he tiptoed quietly out of the house.

Tina bought a car from Lisa that was eight years old and Tina/she was pleased with its performance.

Linda made Debra a rich chocolate pound cake and Linda/she used an old fashioned recipe.

Sam handed Ray the telephone in the den after Sam/he had gotten tired of talking.

NP2 Sentences

Ann predicted that Pam would lose the track race but Pam/she came in first very easily.

Andy tried to beat Gary in a game of chess but Gary/he managed to win every time.

Penny accused Wendy of committing a big robbery and Wendy/she was convicted of the crime.

Jane waited for Mary in the fancy restaurant lounge and Mary/she arrived a half hour late.

Peg gave Eve some directions to the zoo and Eve/she had no trouble following them.

Barb wanted a snapshot of Lynn in front of the museum but Lynn/she wouldn’t pose for the camera.

Ron spilled a drink on Joe at the New Year’s party and Joe/he went home to change clothes.

Fay found out that Meg was feeling a little sick but Meg/she made a very speedy recovery.

Dawn asked Cher to pick out a card and Cher/she drew the ace of diamonds.

Stan pitched Russ a very fast curve ball and Russ/he hit it into the outfield.

Rob blamed Ted for causing the car accident but Ted/he was really not at fault.

Joel loaned Kent some tools for the garden and Kent/he returned them a week later.

Patty sent Becky a check for twenty dollars and Becky/she cashed the $20 check immediately.

Walter expected Ronald to arrive on the train but Ronald/he was not on the train.

Sally asked Karen to play a round of golf but Karen/she had already made other plans.

Donald sent Michael to do the grocery shopping and Michael/he returned with several sacks.

Michelle called Shirley on a special wats line and Shirley/she answered on the third ring.

Tommy passed the football to Ricky on a third down play and Ricky/he ran it in for a touchdown.

Brenda urged Patsy to apply to law school and Patsy/she got accepted in the fall.

Ralph went to visit Larry one rainy afternoon in July but Larry/he was away on a vacation.

Sandra gave Elaine some truly heart felt advice but Elaine/she didn’t take the advice seriously.

Harold tied Arnold to a chair in the basement but Arnold/he was able to get loose.

Steven locked Clarke out of the house accidentally and Clarke/he broke in through a window.

Lucy mailed Suzy a package of top secret information and Suzy/she received it within a week.

Kate thought that Joan was hard at work studying but Joan/she had gone to a movie.

Bob punched Tim during a bar room brawl and Tim/he got a terrible black eye.

Dave tried to amuse Rick with a somewhat off-color joke but Rick/he didn’t even laugh at it.

Jeff begged Paul to play a game of handball and Paul/he reluctantly agreed to play.

Kay gave Bev a very long and nagging lecture and Bev/she listened to it very patiently.

Tom scratched Ken with a pocket knife accidentally and Ken/he started bleeding from the wound.

Lois cleaned the house for Rita for several hours one day while Rita/she took a nap on the sofa.

Abe threw a pie at Roy that was big and gooey but Roy/he ducked before it could hit.