Experiment 2 Materials

These stimuli were used in the following experiment:

GERNSBACHER, M. A., ROBERTSON, R. R. W., ROOTBERG, B. S., CAMPANA, M. E., & WERNER, N.K. (2001). The ubiquity of the advantage of first mention. Unpublished manuscript.

This is an experiment in how people comprehend stories. It is NOT a test of your personality or intelligence. In this experiment you will be using the buttons in front of you. While pressing the buttons it is very important that you only press the buttons when you are told to. Also, do not hold down a button or press it more than once while answering a question. The buttons act just like buttons on a keyboard. What will happen is this: You are going to hear a series of stories. The stories are NOT related. That is, each story should be understood separately from the others. You will hear each story over your headphones. Before the start of the story you will hear the word “Ready.” This is your cue to begin listening. So, for example:

Like the example you just heard, each of the stories will be about people. Your job is to listen to each story and understand it as well as you can. We want to make sure that you are really understanding each story. So, after each story we will ask you a test question about the story you just heard. When you are going to be asked the test question, the word QUESTION will appear at the bottom of the screen. It will look like this:

Immediately after the word QUESTION disappears from the screen, the actual question will be shown. For instance, a test question about the example story you heard just a second ago might be:

Who brought the soda?

When the test question is shown, two answers will also be shown.

For example:

Teresa Sondra

To answer each test question you simply choose one of the two answers shown on the screen. To indicate to us which answer you have chosen, we want you to press one of the two keys on the keyboard on the table before you. Press the key that’s on the LEFT to indicate that the answer that appears on the left side of the screen is correct. Press the key on the RIGHT to indicate that the answer that appears on the right side of the screen is correct. Don’t worry that the keys are labelled YES and NO. You won’t need that for this part of the task. Simply use the key on the LEFT to indicate the answer on the left and the key on the RIGHT to indicate the answer on the right.

For the example question above, Who brought the soda?, the correct answer is Sondra. So, to respond to this question you should press the key on the right. Please press this key now.

Some of the questions are relatively difficult. But we want you to try to answer each one as ACCURATELY as you possibly can. In addition to answering as accurately as possible, we also want you to answer as RAPIDLY as you can. The keys that you are pressing are connected to a computer which will record both how rapidly and how accurately you answer each question. So, try to answer as QUICKLY but also as CORRECTLY as you can. If you answer correctly, you’ll be shown the word “CORRECT” on the computer screen. If you answer incorrectly you’ll be shown the word “WRONG”, and if you take more than 10 seconds to answer you’ll be shown the words “NO ANSWER.” Now, let’s try a practice story.

So, now you know how to do your primary task. You’ll also have a secondary task. During each story you will hear a tone and then a name will appear on the screen. Your job is to decide whether that name has occurred in THE STORY YOU ARE CURRENTLY LISTENING TO. If the word HAS ALREADY APPREARED, press the key labelled YES. If it has not, press the key labelled NO. Again, you should respond as quickly as well as accurately as you possibly can. Let’s try 2 practice sentences.

Ok. Now we are going to give you some practice doing both tasks. Remember your PRIMARY task is to understand each story as fully as possible. When the word QUESTION appears at the bottom of the screen, prepare to answer a question about the story you have just read. Remember that whenever you hear a tone you are to perform your SECONDARY task, which is to decide rapidly and accurately whether the name being shown on the screen occurred in the story you are listening to. Let’s do 2 practice stories.

Ok. We need to tell you one more thing that we didn’t mention before: Please use only ONE HAND to press the response keys. That hand should be THE HAND YOU NORMALLY WRITE WITH. On that hand, use your pointer finger (the finger closest to your thumb) to press one key, and your middle finger to press the other key. You MUST only use those TWO fingers throughout the experiment.

Now, we need to find out if you want to continue to participate in the experiment (we hope you do!). If you want to participate, we need you to sign the statement of informed consent that is on the clipboard. When you have signed the forms the experimenter will come around and pick them up. If you have any questions feel free to ask the experimenter now.

Practice Stories

1. I invited my friends over to watch television last night. Teresa made popcorn and Sondra brought soda. The three of us watched sitcoms all night.


2. My history class was so boring yesterday. The professor droned on and on about the history of domestic cats. When I looked over at my friends they seemed to have the right idea. Josh was sleeping and Aaron was engrossed in the latest novel by Stephen King. I decided to give up on the lecture and take a nap.

Who was sleeping?

Josh Aaron


3. A few classmates and I went to Mexico last summer to work at an archeological site. The work was hard but rewarding. Maggie excavated one room of the temple where we worked. Tracy tagged all of the new artifacts and Jessica removed the debris from them. My job was to photograph the artifacts so there would be a visual record of them in case they were stolen. The best part of the whole summer was that we not only got to experience an ancient culture, but also the culture of the village where we lived.

What did Jessica do?

Tagged the new artifacts Removed debris from the artifacts


4. Traveling with your family across three time zones can be very exasperating. My father thought it would be fun to take a family trip to the Grand Canyon. The first day was exciting and everyone had fun playing games along the way. On the second day my brothers became cranky. Kyle complained about the heat and Nick whined about being crowded. The rest of us became annoyed and angered by their behavior. By the time we reached the Grand Canyon no one was speaking to anyone else.

Who complained about the heat?

Kyle Nick


Tone Practice Sentences:

1. Leroy stapled the papers and Peter put them in the file.

2. Amanda sneezed and Megan coughed.



1. My sisters and I decided to have a down home barbecue this summer. We invited all of our family and friends to join us. I dealt mostly with the salads and the beverages.

Test – 1st Mentioned: Susan took out the burgers and Mary started the grill.

Test – 2nd Mentioned: Mary took out the burgers and Susan started the grill.

The whole thing was a disaster though when the grill refused to start. We added so much lighter fluid and charcoal I thought we would set the neighborhood on fire. Nothing would work. I ended up taking pizza orders for everyone and calling the local pizza place to deliver them. So much for our wonderful barbecue!

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who started the grill? Who started the grill?

Tricia Mary Tricia Susan

Test word: Susan


2. Yesterday was so hectic! My friends and I were invited to a birthday party. We planned to go after I came home from work, but I ended up working late. I still had to take a shower and dress before we could leave. Everyone else was running behind, though. I hopped in the shower and let the others take care of what needed to be done.

Test-1st Mentioned: Alice wrapped the present and Sharon signed the card.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Sharon wrapped the present and Alice signed the card.

I dressed in a flash and we ran out the door. Sharon sped all the way to the party so that we wouldn’t be too late. Thank goodness the party started a little later than originally planned.

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Sharon do?

Signed the card Wrapped the present

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Alice do?

Signed the card Wrapped the present

Test word: Alice


3. One weekend this summer my friends and I went camping in northern Wisconsin. We left on a Friday night and reached camp just as it was getting dark. I went off in search of the bathrooms since I had been drinking soda all the way up. The others stayed behind to prepare camp.

Test- 1st mentioned: Phil set up the tent and Dick gathered kindling.

Test- 2nd mentioned: Dick set up the tent and Phil gathered kindling.

Judy and Nora unpacked the sleeping bags so we could just hop into them when we got tired of sitting in front of the fire. The rest of the weekend was spent fishing and swimming. We enjoyed it so much we decided to do it again next summer.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who set up the tent? Who set up the tent?

Phil Brian Dick Brian

Test word: Phil


4. This past weekend my husband and I took our sons to the Lake Michigan beach. We packed some lunches and a cooler so we could have some food and drinks to keep up our energy. When we arrived the boys raced out of the car to the shore. They spent the whole day playing in the sand and surf.

Test-1st Mentioned: Bruce built sandcastles and Scott skipped stones.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Scott built sandcastles and Bruce skipped stones.

Meanwhile my husband and I kept one eye on the boys and the other on our books. Often we would go and help with the sandcastles or wade in the waves with them. Bruce asked us as soon as we got home if we could go again the next weekend and Scott seconded the request. It looks like the beach will be our home away from home for quite a few weekends.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

What did Bruce do? What did Scott do?

Built a fort Built sandcastles Built a fort Built sandcastles

Test word: Bruce


5. My nephews were determined to make a cake for my aunt and uncle’s anniversary. They asked me to help them. I got all the proper ingredients together and let them go at it.

Test-1st Mentioned: Raymond chopped the nuts and Gordon measured the flour.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Gordon chopped the nuts and Raymond measured the flour.

I greased the pan for them and showed them how to mix the batter up. Gordon got to lick the bowl and spoon but later I let Raymond lick the frosting off the spatula. By the time we had cleaned up the kitchen, the cake was done. We all decorated the cake and served it that night to Aunt Fran and Uncle Lou. They loved it.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who measured the flour? Who measured the flour?

Gordon Shawn Raymond Shawn

Test word: Raymond


6. My roommates and I had a small party the other night. We all had special functions to perform so that the party would be a success.

Test-1st Mentioned: Linda served the snacks and Debra mixed the drinks.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Debra served the snacks and Linda mixed the drinks.

I had to make sure people were mingling with each other and greeted our guests at the door. Everyone who came said they had a great time and would look forward to our next party. Too bad we didn’t have someone else in charge of the cleanup though!

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who mixed the drinks? Who mixed the drinks?

Debra Linda Linda Debra

Test word: Linda


7. When I was little my friends and I were alone at home when a huge storm hit. We had been playing outside when the wind started to blow and rain came down in giant sheets. We all ran inside to safety. None of us had any idea how bad it was so we decided to find some news.

Test-1st Mentioned: Gina listened to the walkman and Maria watched television.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Maria listened to the walkman and Gina watched television.

I stayed on watch by the large picture window in my dining room. While sitting there lightening struck the bird house just a few yards from the house . Maria screamed and ran into my bedroom to hide under my bed. Gina announced there was a tornado warning. Just then my parents arrived home and took us down to the basement. I was never so relieved in my life!

1st Mentioned quest

What did Gina do?

Listened to the walkman Watched television

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Maria do?

Listened to the walkman Watched television

Test word: Gina


8. As an older sister it is very easy to get out of doing chores. I just make my little brothers do them in exchange for playing games with them. Just the other day I was supposed to clean up the bedrooms in the house. I made a deal with my brothers that I would clean my room and play hide and seek with them if they cleaned our mom’s room. They gladly agreed.

Test 1st Mentioned: Fred straightened the bed and Mike folded the clothes.

Test 2nd Mentioned: Mike straightened the bed and Fred folded the clothes.

I had to break up a fight between the two over who was going to vacuum and dust, but Mike finally agreed to dust. We were done in no time flat. The great thing about this system is that I only have to play with them for a short time and they are satisfied.

1st Mentioned quest

What did Mike do?

Folded the clothes Folded the towels

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Fred do?

Folded the clothes Folded the towels

Test word: Fred


9. The other day my two neighbor boys were telling me about the fun time they had in the country. Since they lived in the city all their lives they had never been there.

Test-1st Mentioned: Jeffrey sketched the scenery and Rodney flew a kite.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Rodney sketched the scenery and Jeffrey flew a kite.

Rodney said he had never seen anything fly so high except for a plane. Jeffrey was amazed by the open and airy space. They told me they want to live on a farm when they grow up so they can have the same experience everyday in the country. I told them that if they wanted to go again that I would love to take them. I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time with them.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

What did Jeffrey do? What did Rodney do?

Flew a kite Sketched the scenery Flew a kite Sketched the scenery

Test word: Jeffrey


10. Last week we had a test in our Automotive class. We were split into groups of three and tested on our tune-up abilities. I was in charge of cleaning the carburetor.

Test-1st Mentioned: Lynn changed the oil and Bev checked the tires.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Bev changed the oil and Lynn checked the tires.

As we performed our duties we were graded by our instructor. We all received A’s on the test. We even did better than some of the guys!

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who changed the oil? Who changed the oil?

Lynn Bev Bev Lynn

Test word: Lynn


11. I found out this summer that not all male roommates are lazy slobs. Another girlfriend and I had a tight budget and we knew some guys who were looking for a cheap place to live, too. We decided to room together and moved into our apartment. I discovered that guys can be just as helpful around the house as women.

Test-1st Mentioned: Curt arranged the furniture and Brad hung the curtains.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Brad arranged the furniture and Curt hung the curtains.

I was in charge of setting up the kitchen and Susie set up the bathroom. We had everything done in one afternoon. Afterward we all sat around and got to know each other.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who arranged the furniture? Who arranged the furniture?

Curt Brad Brad Curt

Test word: Curt


12. My little nieces wanted to get a temporary job this fall so they could buy Christmas presents. They set out doing odd yard jobs for their neighbor.

Test-1st Mentioned: Cindy trimmed the hedges and Janet raked the leaves.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Janet trimmed the hedges and Cindy raked the leaves.

The two had to clean out the eaves and cover up Mrs. Bixley’s roses. It took them about a week to get everything done. Mrs. Bixley was so happy with their job that she gave them a big tip with their checks. She said they could have a job anytime they wanted. The money was enough for them to buy quite a few presents plus put a little in the bank for later.

1st Mentioned quest

What did Janet do?

Raked the leaves Raked the lawn trimmings

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Cindy do?

Raked the leaves Raked the lawn trimmings

Test word: Cindy


13. I told my friends I would go with them to the hockey game on the condition that they would make me an exquisite dinner. They agreed to it and began preparing my meal. First they made a tossed salad.

Test-1st Mentioned: Stan sliced the tomatoes and Russ rinsed the cucumber.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Russ sliced the tomatoes and Stan rinsed the cucumber.

While Russ finished the salad Stan began grilling my steak. Surprisingly they even set the table up perfectly and served the whole meal to me. Little did I realize that there was an ulterior motive behind all the effort they put into making the dinner. They didn’t have any money and wanted me to pay for their tickets.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who rinsed the cucumber? Who rinsed the cucumber

Doug Russ Doug Stan

Test word: Stan


14. In order to get into shape I went to the gym to work-out the other day. I was surprised to find some other people there who I knew. I joined them half way through their workout.

Test-1st Mentioned: Norma did aerobics and Wanda lifted weights.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Wanda did aerobics and Norma lifted weights.

I warmed up by stretching and then joined them in exercising. The next day we met for lunch and all of us were aching from the previous day’s work-out. We all agreed that it is probably good for us though.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who did aerobics? Who did aerobics?

Karen Norma Karen Wanda

Test word: Norma


15. Last semester I worked at an ice cream shop and got to know many of my current friends. There were about four of us who were responsible for closing down the shop at night. We each had different duties to perform after closing.

Test-1st Mentioned: Carl counted the bills and Will sorted the change.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Will counted the bills and Carl sorted the change.

I was responsible for cleaning the ice cream machines. Julie was in charge of cleaning the tables and sweeping the floor. After leaving the shop we would all go out together and blow off steam from working. Even though all of us have quit working there we still get together often and have some fun.

1st Mentioned quest

What did Carl do?

Counted the checks Counted the bills

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Will do?

Counted the checks Counted the bills

Test word: Carl


16. When U2 came to town for their tour my friends and I were so excited we camped out for two nights to get tickets. We are all big fans of the band. On the day of the concert we could hardly contain ourselves. Some friends came over to have a pre-concert party and then we began preparing to leave.

Test-1st Mentioned: Pauline put on makeup and Jamie called a taxi.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Jamie put on makeup and Pauline called a taxi.

Sheila and I gathered up the things we were going to bring along and made sure everyone had their tickets. Once we arrived we listened to the opening bands and got psyched up for the main event. The band was truly incredible. Everyone was dancing and singing along. Jamie was even lifted onto stage by Bono who serenaded her. It was one of the best nights of our lives.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

What did Jamie do? What did Pauline do?

Called for tickets Called a taxi Called for tickets Called a taxi

Test word: Pauline


17. My brothers and I decided to fix breakfast in bed for our parents. We thought we should do something special for their anniversary.

Test-1st Mentioned: Sam brewed the coffee and Ray fried the eggs.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Ray brewed the coffee and Sam fried the eggs.

I cooked the bacon while they began fixing up the trays. It was only after we had awakened our parents with their surprise breakfast that we realized we had forgotten the juice and silverware in the kitchen.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who brewed the coffee? Who brewed the coffee?

Ray Sam Sam Ray

Test word: Sam


18. My sisters decided to take their husbands out on the town for Valentine’s Day. They got all dressed up and had a limousine take them to the restaurant.

Test-1st Mentioned: Penny selected the wine and Wendy ordered the food.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Wendy selected the wine and Penny ordered the food.

Both Hal and Doug were impressed by the choices their wives made. Penny said later that Hal was going to do something special like this for their anniversary and Wendy made sure Doug also took the hint. My brothers-in-law have sure married some wonderful women

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who ordered the food? Who ordered the food?

Penny Wendy Wendy Penny

Test word: Penny


19. My friends and I volunteered to take care of our neighbors’ pets while they went on vacation. We thought they only had a few pets but it was quite a shock to find they had over five! I said I would change the paper on the bottom of the bird’s cage.

Test-1st Mentioned: Carol walked the dog and Ellen fed the cat.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Ellen walked the dog and Carol fed the cat.

We had to call some more friends to help us. Ben had to check on the snake because no one else would, and Dan exercised the pony. It was quite an experience being responsible for all those animals for two weeks!

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

What did Carol do? What did Ellen do?

Walked the dog Walked the pony Walked the dog Walked the pony

Test word: Carol


20. My friends had a sure fire method of passing their philosophy test last week. They decided to split up the work.

Test-1st Mentioned: Michael studied the book and Donald read the notes.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Donald studied the book and Michael read the notes.

Then they got together and shared the information they thought was the most important. They felt confident that this method would work. When they came back from their exam I asked them how it went. Both of them said it was the worst test they had ever taken. I guess it goes to show that there is nothing that works better than just studying on your own.

1st Mentioned quest

What did Donald do?

Read the notes Studied the book

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Michael do?

Read the notes Studied the book

Test word: Michael


21. My dad decided to surprise my mother with a renovated bathroom before she came home from the hospital after her surgery. Two of dad’s friends showed up just two days before her anticipated arrival. They immediately began to rip out the old stuff so they could install the new.

Test-1st Mentioned: Frank painted the walls and Wayne laid the tile.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Wayne painted the walls and Frank laid the tile.

Next they put in a new marble tub, sink, and toilet. Last but not least they installed the new flooring. It looked gorgeous when it was done and we paid the men handsomely for their speedy and excellent work. When mom came home she almost fainted with surprise!

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who laid the tiles? Who laid the tiles?

Frank Wayne Wayne Frank

Test word: Frank


22. Last spring break was awesome. My friends and I went to Cancun for rest and relaxation. We had an oceanside hotel so the beach was the main attraction for us.

Test-1st Mentioned: Lilly laid on the beach and Denise played in the waves.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Denise laid on the beach and Lilly played in the waves.

Angela spent most of her time flirting with the guys. I spent most of my time sunning myself but also got in a little shopping. We all agreed to return next spring break, too.

1st Mentioned quest

What did Denise do?

Laid on the beach Played in the waves

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Lilly do?

Laid on the beach Played in the waves

Test word: Lilly


23. After a rough semester my roommates and I decided to celebrate the end of classes. We made ourselves a wonderful dinner and then settled down to a night of relaxation.

Test-1st Mentioned: Elaine put on the album and Vicky poured the beer.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Vicky put on the album and Elaine poured the beer.

We told anecdotes about our professors and T.A.s. Jenny made us all promise that we were going to have some fun next semester in addition to our studies. We all feel it is important to let off a little steam once in a while. I think the upcoming semester is going to be so much fun.

1st Mentioned quest 2nd Mentioned quest

Who poured the beer? Who poured the beer?

Vicky Diane Diane Vicky

Test word: Elaine


24. For my wedding I put my cousins in charge of the songs. Both of them are great musicians and singers.

Test-1st Mentioned: Thomas wrote the music and Edward made up the words.

Test-2nd Mentioned: Edward wrote the music and Thomas made up the words.

When they performed at the wedding it was so beautiful that I cried. Even my husband was impressed by it. When I look back on my wedding I will always think of their special contribution.

1st Mentioned quest

What did Edward do?

Wrote the music Made up the words

2nd Mentioned quest

What did Thomas do?

Wrote the music Made up the words

Test word: Thomas



1. My nephews made the winning run for the city’s Little League tournament. It was a group effort by the two boys. Mr. Nedden, the coach, put Jose in to hit for another boy. He promptly hit a triple. The next boy up grounded out to the first baseman. Then it was Martin’s turn to bat. Martin hit a line drive and Jose ran for the winning run. Now the team goes on to the regional tournament. It’s an exciting time for our family.

Who ran for the winning run?

Jose Martin

Test word: Victor


2. Last weekend my nieces came over for a visit. I had just begun making some pies so I let them help me. We decided on apple pie. Kate got out all the ingredients we would need. Holly peeled the apples and Renee rolled the dough. We put it all together and then waited for it to bake in the oven. It looked so good we had to taste it as soon as it cooled.

Who peeled the apples?

Holly Renee

Test word: Helen


3. My friend, Ann, and I volunteered to work at a daycare for a day. We got to know all the children there. Our favorites were Charlie and Tony. They were so well behaved. Tony colored a picture and Charlie created things with Legos. They behaved so well that Ann and I could concentrate on the other kids. Ann liked it so much she is thinking about working at the daycare full time when she graduates from college.

What did Tony do?

Created things with Legos Colored a picture

Test word: Ryan


4. My brother made a complete fool of himself in front of my two roommates the other day. He knocked over one of my plants and the dirt fell right onto his shirt and the living room floor. I had to quickly wash and dry his shirt because he had an appointment in an hour. Amy ironed the shirt and Kim vacuumed the rug. He apologized to us over and over, and promised to take Kim, Amy, and I out to dinner for our help. The three of us laughed for hours after he left.

What did Amy do?

Vacuumed the rug Ironed the shirt

Test word: Rita


5. Some friends and I went to the museum the other day. I was interested in seeing the exhibit on early American history. I heard it was very well done and thought it would be fun to have my friends come along to see some of the other exhibits they had been wanting to see. Barb investigated the natural history area and Laura went off to the space science wing. We spent hours in the museum. Next time it has a new exhibit we are going to return.

Who went to the space science wing?

Barb Laura

Test word: Emma


6. For Christmas my grandmother had all the great-grandchildren help her make Christmas cookies. She mixed up the dough and then let Jimmy roll it out. Rich cut out the cookies, while Gretchen and Tara were in charge of putting the pans in and out of the oven. Jason frosted the cookies and Eric applied the sprinkles. The cookies turned out delicious.

Who applied the sprinkles?

Eric Adam

Test word: Simon


7. Dana and I made a bet with our boyfriends and they lost the bet, so they had to make dinner for us. We requested an authentic Chinese dinner for our winners’ prize. Bill cut up the meat and John chopped the vegetables. John whipped up the sweet and sour sauce while Bill cooked the rice. After two hours the men finally had our dinner ready. It turned out to be a wonderful meal. Dana and I plan to make more bets in the future.

What did John do?

Chopped the peppers Chopped the vegetables

Test word: Todd


8. Once a week my friends and I get together for “Mexican night.” We all agree to make some special dishes for dinner. This week I brought Mexican Pizza. Hanna prepared refried beans topped with onions, cheese, and lettuce. Cynthia heated the tortillas and Jennifer grated the cheese. We were so full by the end of dinner that we couldn’t even move to make the fried ice cream.

What did Jennifer do?

Grated the cheese Heated the tortillas

Test word: Allison


9. My friends like to think they are ultra-hip. Apparently going to coffee shops is their big thing now. I went along one night to see what the hype was all about. Bernie sipped some tea and Joey drank some coffee. We talked about books and music for awhile, but then the conversation slacked off. I decided to go to a movie that was playing at a nearby theater since nothing exciting was happening. The rest of my night was much better spent.

What did Joey do?

Drank some coffee Drank some hot chocolate

Test word: Justin


10. My cousins got positions in the managerial team of the U.S. Swim Team. They had been involved with swimming their whole lives and were excited about their new jobs. Heather timed the swimmers and Kay jotted down their statistics. Afterward they got together with the other managers and looked for ways to improve the swimmers. They hope to earn the right to go with the team to the Olympics.

Who timed the swimmers?

Liz Heather

Test word: Martha


11. Lea, my neighbor, was telling me about her vacation in the mountains with her friends. Halfway through the week they were caught in a huge snowstorm. It hit while they were out hiking in one of the more desolate areas of the park. They stopped and quickly made emergency plans. Sarah looked for shelter near-by and Gabriel unpacked the blankets. They wanted to stay warm and protected from the wind and snow until they could get to shelter. As luck would have it there was a remote ranger’s station only half a mile away. Lea said they were very lucky that nothing happened to them.

What did Gabriel do?

Unpacked the food Unpacked the blankets

Test word: Gwen


12. My brother loves to talk about his kids. Yesterday he was telling me his wife, Kelly, had taken the boys on a bike ride. They were going through a rough area of the trail when the boys decided to ride off the trail and hit a rocky area. Dan fell off his bike and Tim burst out laughing. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the boys did learn a lesson. Kelly told my brother that he can take the boys for a ride next time.

Who fell off his bike?

Tim Dan

Test word: Bart


13. It is extremely hard to find a radio station in the wilderness. Three of my friends and I went camping in Canada and wanted to hear a weather report for the following morning. Judy was in charge of the radio first, but became so frustrated we had to take it from her. Cheryl adjusted the antenna and Becky tuned the radio. Nothing worked. Finally, we gave up and let fate decide what would happen the next day.

Who tuned the radio?

Becky Rosemary

Test word: Marcy


14. Our youth group went to the Senior Center to spread some holiday cheer. Jenna and I handed out song sheets to the seniors and we began. Jack sang a song and Ted played the guitar. We had the men and women sing along with us. It was so much fun we decided to do it on a regular basis. Everyone in the group thinks it is important to be involved in the community, especially our elders.

Who sang a song?

Jack Chris

Test word: Chad


15. For our school play we needed to make scenery. Bob, the set designer, brought us some large pieces of cardboard. Joan and I planned out what we wanted for backgrounds. Carie drew the outline and Marina filled it all in. Many of the parents commented on how good the set looked. We were all proud of it.

What did Carie do?

Drew the outline Drew up the blueprints

Test word: Naomi


16. My sister, Stephanie, arrived for a week visit yesterday. Mark, my husband, Tom, his brother, and I picked her up at the airport. Mark carried her bags and Tom went to get the car. Considering O’Hare is the busiest airport in the U.S. everything went very well. We were on our way in under half an hour. Perhaps we are just better planners than other people.

What did Tom do?

Went to get the car Went to get a cab

Test word: Andy


17. Mark brought me along as a guest to his friends’ wedding. I knew a few people so I mingled with them. We all sat together at a table during the meal. Just as the meal was ending we had an idea. Brent made a toast and Steve requested the band play a song. The rest of the table swept the wedding party onto the dance floor. It was a great way to keep the party alive. We all danced late into the night.

What did Steve do?

Made a toast Requested the band play a song

Test word: Jordan


18. Friday night was a quiet night for my roommates and I at home. Nicole had to finish typing a paper. Jodi was filling out job applications and Michelle worked on some homework. I was preparing for a speech I had to give on Monday. All in all it was a productive but uneventful night. We made a pact that next week we are going to throw a party in honor of our studious attitudes.

What did Jodi do?

Filled out a questionnaire Filled out job applications

Test word: Leanne


19. Last Friday was Gary’s birthday. His roommates planned a surprise party for him and invited all his friends. They told Gary Friday morning that they would take him out for his birthday after he got off of work later that night. Then they called him later at work and told him they had to cancel their plans. The rest of us arrived at their apartment early so that we could find hiding places and decorate. Soon Kathy yelled that it was almost time for Gary to be arriving so we took our places. David closed the drapes and Robert locked the door. As Gary unlocked the door and entered the apartment we all yelled “Surprise!” Gary was so stunned that he just stood there with his mouth hanging open.

Who closed the drapes?

Robert David

Test word: George


20. Our daughters’ school had a talent contest last night. All the students were encouraged to participate. Mr. Krueger, the principal, introduced the acts as they came on stage. Stacy tap danced and Brenda performed a magic act. Another student, Jill, won the prize for her stand-up comedy routine. Of course, my husband and I thought our girls did an outstanding job.

Who tap danced?

Stacy Bonnie

Test word: Tonya


21. Before we could go to the mall mom made us clean the house. We begged her not to make us clean but she said it would build character, or something like that! I had to wash the dishes. Lucy dusted the shelves and Suzy swept the floor. It took us two hours to finish, but we succeeded. We went shopping for the rest of the day. I think we built enough character for one day.

Who dusted the shelves?

Jane Lucy

Test word: Ruth


22. I can’t believe the horrible service of our local movie theater. My friends and I went to the movies only to wait half an hour for it to start. Then the film broke and we had to wait fifteen minutes more. The quality of the movie was so poor we could hardly comprehend it. We were all very upset. Nancy stomped out of the theater and Tammy demanded our money back. We definitely aren’t going back to that theater.

What did Nancy do?

Stomped out of the theater Demanded money back

Test word: Dorothy


23. Last week my sister and I, and our boyfriends went to see The Phantom of the Opera. We arrived early so as to avoid the crowd. Matt found our seats and Dave checked in our coats. Sue and I went to the bathroom to freshen our makeup. By the time we were through with our touch ups and our gossiping it was time for the show to start. We finally got seated and enjoyed the musical.

What did Matt do?

Found our seats Checked in our coats

Test word: Rick


24. After the big storm hit, our family went into town to help at my uncle’s store. So many people needed food and provisions that they were flocking to the store. Uncle John put us to work right away. Joe stocked the shelves and Ron worked the cash register. I bagged the items for the customers. The lines didn’t end until late in the afternoon. Uncle John was so impressed with our work that he offered to hire us permanently.

Who worked the cash register?

Luke Ron

Test word: Ken