MGS Materials

These sentence sets were used in the following experiment:

BINZAK, J. M., BUDDE, M.D., ROBERTSON, D., HERFEL, H., & GERNSBACHER, M.A. (2001, March). Suppression of irrelevant meanings of homographs. Poster presented at Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference, New York. [View Poster]










    1 CHALK   1 He walked through the passage HALLWAY 1 He said it was foul SMELL
  1   IN: He served on the board 2 He enjoyed the pop SODA 2 He removed every article CLOTHES
      UR: He served on the council 3 He located the terminal AIRPORT 3 He looked at the deck SHIP
    2 WORDS   4 He preferred to trace DRAW 4 He hated the jam JELLY
      IN: He served the sentence 5 He said it looked gross DISGUSTING 5 He forgot to write in the period COMMA
1     UR: He served the roll 6 He looked mad ANGRY 6 *He spotted the buck DEER
    3 TOGETHER   7 He fed the sow PIG 7 He took the tip WAITER
  2   IN: He put out the joint 8 He followed the guide TOUR 8 He built the frame PICTURE
      UR: He put out the pipe 9 He asked for relish PICKLE 9 *He pointed the beam. LASER
    4 WATER   10 He had a favorite story TALE 10 He dropped the cap HAT
      IN: He played a little bridge 11 He bought the rose FLOWER 11 He identified the fault BLAME
2     UR: He played a little poker 12 He learned to print WRITE 12 He was asked to identify his race COLOR
    5 KITCHEN   13 He got a shock from the plug OUTLET 13 He couldn’t read the note LETTER
  3   IN: He was appointed to the cabinet 14 He stood in line for ferris wheel at the fair RIDE 14 He gambled on the reservation INDIAN
      UR: He was appointed to the panel 15 He made the edge straight LINE 15 He wished he was quick FAST
    6 CANDY   16 He was convicted at the trial JURY 16 He was told not to touch his sty EYE
      IN: He said the condition it was in was mint 17 He marked the center MIDDLE 17 *He calculated the rate SPEED
3     UR: He said the condition it was in was rare 18 He needed a different attachment for the drill BIT 18 He knew the type KIND
    7 FISH   19 He liked the flight AIRPLANE 19 He didn’t want to shoot KILL
  4   IN: He computed the net 20 He presided over the court JUDGE 20 He changed the habit BAD
      UR: He computed the mean 21 He picked up the scrap PIECE 21 He showed the proof EVIDENCE
    8 DISHES   22 He thought the mound was steep HILL 22 He searched for the root TREE
      IN: He didn’t want to sink 23 He forgot to flush TOILET 23 He was ready to strike HIT
4     UR: He didn’t want to trip 24 He filled a sack BAG 24 He shared the yarn KNIT
    9 COUNTRY   25 He climbed the rung LADDER 25 He discovered the horn HONK
  5   IN: He was encouraged to state 26 He performed the trick MAGIC 26 He noticed the ring FINGER
      UR: He was encouraged to pronounce 27 (He saw) the animal dash RUN 27 He measured the trunk ELEPHANT
    10 STATION   28 He put on a suit TIE 28 He liked the piece PART
      IN: He attended the service 29 He threw the dart BOARD 29 He bought the film MOVIE
5     UR: He attended the wake 30 He made the paper stick GLUE 30 He needed the organ DONOR
    11 SHUTTLE   31 He heard his heart BEAT 31 He made a basket WEAVE
  6   IN: He needed some space 32 He forgot to lock KEY 32 He found a chip POTATO
      UR: He needed some room 33 He washed the pot PAN 33 He scribbled on the paper PEN
    12 STRICT   34 He said her hair was too thick to comb BRUSH 34 He heard the snap CRACKLE
      IN: He positioned the stern 35 He admired her great figure BODY 35 He needed to sign NAME
6     UR: He positioned the vessel 36 He punished the kid CHILD 36 He enjoyed the scene VIEW
    13 BREAD   37 He mixed the cocktail with gin TONIC 37 He dropped a pound WEIGHT
  7   IN: He proposed a toast 38 He heard the whistle BLOW 38 He didn’t want a pinch HURT
      UR: *He proposed a deal 39 He tightened the bolt NUT 39 He saw the wave OCEAN
    14 SHOE   40 He started the game by going to hide SEEK 40 He recorded the record TAPE
      IN: He cooked the sole 41 He examined the produce FRUIT 41 *He wanted the prime RIB
7     UR: He cooked the squash 42 *He fed the gander GOOSE 42 He liked the rule LAW
    15 BOUNCE   43 He wrote with the pen INK 43 He saw the vault SAFE
  8   IN: He waited for spring 44 He definitely was not rich POOR 44 He knew the score POINTS
      UR: He waited for fall 45 He enjoyed a good book READ 45 He established a trust LOYAL
    16 MARRIAGE   46 He wrote down the digits NUMBER 46 *He picked out the shrimp SEAFOOD
      IN: He was late for the engagement 47 He wanted to smoke CIGARETTE 47 He learned to like their taste FOOD
8     UR: *He was late for the benefit 48 He didn’t consider the mistake major MINOR 48 He picked up the diamond RING
    17 SKY   49 He scooped up some dip CHIP 49 He removed the foil ALUMINUM
  9   IN: He wanted to be a star 50 He negotiated a trade EXCHANGE 50 *He bent his limb ARM
      UR: He wanted to be a model 51 He ordered a drink in the lounge BAR 51 *He recognized the character PERSON
    18 SHRINE   52 He didn’t want to die LIVE 52 He began to skip HOP
      IN: He touched his temple 53 He fell in the swamp MARSH 53 *He was part of the rush HURRY
9     UR: He touched his chest 54 He wasn’t well SICK 54 He traded the stock MARKET
    19 BOAT   55 He read the novel BOOK 55 He forgot about the racket TENNIS
  10   IN: He arranged the row 56 He started to swallow EAT 56 He turned on the fans AIR
      UR: He arranged the line 57 He couldn’t drive with a flat TIRE 57 He created the form SHAPE
    20 ANIMAL   58 He dug up the slug WORM 58 He enjoyed the game FOOTBALL
      IN: He melted the seal 59 *He was promoted to general ARMY 59 He adjusted the gear SHIFT
10     UR: He melted the wax 60 He like to console COMFORT 60 He moved the set STAGE
    21 HOLE          
  11   IN: He swallowed the pit        
      UR: He swallowed the seed        
    22 INSECT          
      IN: He hated to bug        
11     UR: He hated to badger        
    23 DANCE          
  12   IN: He dropped the ball        
      UR: He dropped the pitch        
    24 LIE          
      IN: He went toward the bluff        
12     UR: He went toward the coast        
    25 STONE          
  13   IN: He listened to rock        
      UR: He listened to country        
    26 GEARS          
      IN: He finished the shift        
13     UR: He finished the appointment        
    27 GRASS          
  14   IN: He calculated a yard        
      UR: He calculated a foot        
    28 JUMP          
      IN: He lived in the dive        
14     UR: He lived in the quarters        
    29 BACK          
  15   IN: He predicted the front        
      UR: He predicted the pattern        
    30 SLIDE          
      IN: He bought the slip        
15     UR: He bought the dress        
    31 FIRE          
  16   IN: He won the match        
      UR: He won the title        
    32 DUCK          
      IN: He went to a quack        
16     UR: He went to a shrink        
    33 BALL          
  17   IN: He was bit by the bat        
      UR: He was bit by the tick        
    34 STORY          
      IN: He built the house on the plot        
17     UR: He built the house on the ground        
    35 *CAT          
  18   IN: *He clicked the mouse        
      UR: *He clicked the switch        
    36 SCHOOL          
      IN: He barely drove up the grade        
18     UR: He barely drove up the slope        
    37 TIME          
  19   IN: He hated to watch        
      UR: He hated to look        
    38 THIN          
      IN: He tried not to lean        
19     UR: He tried not to slouch        
    39 CLEAN          
  20   IN: He predicted showers        
      UR: He predicted hail        
    40 CIRCLE          
      IN: He was eliminated from the competition after the first round        
20     UR: He was eliminated from the competition after the first meet        
    41 HAIR          
  21   IN: He walked through the brush        
      UR: He walked through the plants        
    42 FIX          
      IN: He took a break        
21     UR: He took a rest        
    43 MAGAZINE          
  22   IN: He debated the issue        
      UR: He debated the subject        
    44 TRASH          
      IN: He fathered the litter        
22     UR: He fathered the pack        
    45 EGG          
  23   IN: He closed the hatch        
      UR: He closed the jar        
    46 SWIM          
      IN: He had a stroke        
23     UR: He had a seizure        
    47 BOTTOM          
  24   IN: He wound up the top        
      UR: He wound up the train        
    48 SINK          
      IN: He decorated the float        
24     UR: He decorated the stage        
    49 MONEY          
  25   IN: He slid down the bank        
      UR: He slid down the heap        
    50 ART          
      IN: He boarded the craft        
25     UR: He boarded the rig        
    51 ARROW          
  26   IN: He tied the bow        
      UR: He tied the flag        
    52 SQUARE          
      IN: He began to box        
26     UR: He began to punch        
    53 BUG          
  27   IN: He hated to fly        
      UR: *He hated to land        
    54 DEATH          
      IN: He thought her attitude was too grave        
27     UR: He thought her attitude was too poor        
    55 TANTRUM          
  28   IN: He found the right fit        
      UR: He found the right size        
    56 HOTEL          
      IN: He felt he should lobby        
28     UR: He felt he should march        
    57 CHURCH          
  29   IN: He calculated the mass        
      UR: He calculated the volume        
    58 START          
      IN: He applied another finish        
29     UR: He applied another coat        
    59 HOBBY          
  30   IN: He earned some interest        
      UR: *He earned some appeal        
    60 GOOD          
      IN: He paid the fine        
30     UR: He paid the toll        
    61 BEER          
  31   IN: He registered for the draft        
      UR: *He registered for the drawing        
    62 SLOW          
      IN: He wanted to fast        
31     UR: He wanted to gorge        
    63 HOOD          
  32   IN: He sailed around the cape        
      UR: He sailed around the port        
    64 COW          
      IN: He tensed his calf        
32     UR: He tensed his arm        
    65 CHOKE          
  33   IN: He participated in the gag        
      UR: *He participated in the custom        
    66 IDIOT          
      IN: He tried to jerk        
33     UR: *He tried to draw        
    67 HARD          
  34   IN: He left the firm        
      UR: He left the company        
    68 BASEBALL          
      IN: He broke the pitcher        
34     UR: He broke the straw        
    69 WRONG          
  35   IN: He looked to the right        
      UR: He looked to the left        
    70 NEWSPAPER          
      IN: He started to press        
35     UR: He started to cram        
    71 CLAY          
  36   IN: He grew some mold        
      UR: He grew some weed        
    72 SHARP          
      IN: He argued his point        
36     UR: He argued his side        
    73 LOBSTER          
  37   IN: He said she was a crab        
      UR: He said she was a ham        
    74 MIRROR          
      IN: He was told to go and reflect        
37     UR: He was told to go and resonate        
    75 CAR          
  38   IN: He was charged with battery        
      UR: He was charged with an offense        
    76 WHEEL          
      IN: He began to tire        
38     UR: He began to fatigue        
    77 DOG          
  39   IN: He touched the bark        
      UR: He touched the grain        
    78 DOLLAR          
      IN: (He said) the animal had an odd bill        
39     UR: (He said) the animal had an odd face        
    79 HOT          
  40   IN: He hated having a cold        
      UR: He hated having a sore        
    80 CRAZY          
      IN: He choked on a nut        
40     UR: He choked on a date        
    81 FLOOR          
  41   IN: He traded the marble        
      UR: *He traded the present        
    82 RADIO          
      IN: He invited the speaker        
41     UR: He invited the coach        
    83 POND          
  42   IN: He forgot to duck        
      UR: He forgot to move        
    84 SIT          
      IN: He ran the lap        
42     UR: *He ran the store        
    85 MUSIC          
  43   IN: He was known to always harp        
      UR: He was known to always nag        
    86 GAME          
      IN: He acted like a card        
43     UR: He acted like a fool        
    87 JAIL          
  44   IN: He magnified the cell        
      UR: * He magnified the tissue        
    88 UP          
      IN: He felt a bit down        
44     UR: He felt a bit shy        
    89 CEREAL          
  45   IN: He used to bowl        
      UR: He used to fence        
    90 NICE          
      IN: He bought another kind        
45     UR: He bought another sort        
    91 STATE          
  46   IN: He wrote in capitals        
      UR: He wrote in script        
    92 CUP          
      IN: He reported the saucer        
46     UR: He reported the ship        
    93 FAIL          
  47   IN: He threw the pass        
      UR: He threw the club        
    94 PLATE          
      IN: He went to China        
47     UR: He went to the Orient        
    95 CLASS          
  48   IN: He putted on the course        
      UR: He putted on the green        
    96 PLAY          
      IN: He wore a cast        
48     UR: He wore a sling        
    97 TOUCH          
  49   IN: He bought the felt        
      UR: He bought the picture        
    98 FIRST          
      IN: He stopped for a second        
49     UR: He stopped for a bus        
    99 POOL          
  50   IN: He figured out the cue        
      UR: He figured out the letter        
    100 DRIVE          
      IN: He owned the steer        
50     UR: He owned the bull        
    101 STOP          
  51   IN: He left the stall        
      UR: He left the screen        
    102 JUICE          
      IN: He learned how to prune        
51     UR: He learned how to trim        
    103 STAIR          
  52   IN: He performed the step        
      UR: He performed the routine        
    104 SPICE          
      IN: He asked the sage        
52     UR: He asked the ruler        
    105 DIFFERENT          
  53   IN: He received the change        
      UR: He received the coins        
    106 CARD          
      IN: He dug with the spade        
53     UR: He dug with the pick        
    107 DRAIN          
  54   IN: He wore one clog        
      UR: He wore one boot        
    108 BRACELET          
      IN: He spoke with charm        
54     UR: He spoke with grace        
    109 CASH          
  55   IN: He wanted to check        
      UR: He wanted to survey        
    110 TOE          
      IN: He taught the dog to heel        
55     UR: He taught the dog to mind        
    111 FORK          
  56   IN: He ran to the plate        
      UR: He ran to the base        
    112 DRUM          
      IN: He felt beat        
56     UR: He felt upset        
    113 STEEL          
  57   IN: He didn’t know how to iron        
      UR: He didn’t know how to grill        
    114 *PORK          
      IN: He gathered the logs to chop        
57     UR: He gathered the logs to saw        
    115 COURT          
  58   IN: He purchased the case        
      UR: He purchased the bag        
    116 HORSE          
      IN: He held it stable        
58     UR: He held it still        
    117 WINDOW          
  59   IN: He poured a glass        
      UR: He poured a mug        
    118 BENCH          
      IN: He wanted to park        
59     UR: He wanted to drive        
    119 DOCTOR          
  60   IN: He learned to be patient        
      UR: He learned to be sweet        
    120 STARE          
      IN: He couldn’t drive because of the glare        
60     UR: He couldn’t drive because of the engine