Abstract: Psychological Effects of the Internet (PSY 501)

Google the question, “How is the Internet changing the way we think?,” and you will find no shortage of opinions – or fears. In this course, students will examine empirical evidence for whether the Internet is changing the way we think, communicate, socialize, play, and learn. The course will enroll 120 students, divided into ten learning sections of 12. Students will be expected to read and synthesize original research literature, which will be augmented with readings and videos from the popular press (Wired magazine, Edge, TED talks). Assessment will be based on the quality and timeliness of completing multiple assignments per week, including interactive discussions (conducted asynchronously, through a discussion board, and synchronously, through text-based chat). Therefore, students will be expected to engage with the course multiple times per week. At the end of the course, each student will produce a term project, which can be a research-based essay. There will be no textbooks to buy or timed exams to take. Important Note: This course is completely online; students are required to have daily access to high-speed Internet.